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F-16 Multirole Fighter - IBS Update

6/23/1999 14.8 MB US HTTP Site FTP Site

Development Notes:

Version  Update
Cheat code capabilities during multiplayer have been addressed.
Additionally, final modifications have been made to permit integration with the F-22 Raptor product.
The update provides additional 3-D support for some video cards.
Side passwords have been included for some multiplayer games as well.
The update also provides public and private NovaWorld hosting capabilities, allowing users to join other user-hosted games through NovaWorld.
The update also modifies the flight model and air-speed information to provide more realistic aircraft performance -- the most noticeable differences will be the ability to fly at higher speeds at higher altitudes.
game will now support force-feedback joysticks, 16-button joysticks, simultaneously connected joysticks, multiple hat-switch joysticks, and other additional joystick capabilities.


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