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Official Fan Sites

1. Checkpoint Delta
Description: A general NovaLogic fansite that hosts the biggest Commanche 4 community on the net.
Site Link: / Added: 6/23/2004
2. Delta Force =GROM=
Description: Eastern European gaming resource site. We share tourneys for the best squads from all over the Word.
Site Link: / Added: 10/4/2006
3. Delta Force Black Hawk Down Fan Site
Description: A site dedicated to BHD with screenshots, wall papers and screensavers.
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
4. Delta Force Black Hawk Down Nordic
Description: A Nordic based community running leagues and competitions.
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
5. Delta Force Head Quarters
Description: All that is Delta Force can be found here! Loads of maps, wall papers, mods and skins.
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
6. DF Arena
Description: A great site that runs a lot of tournaments and is a good meeting place for all DF Map makers.
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
7. DFChicks
Description: The name says it all! A very cool site run by SugarChick (who also runs DFGamers) that supports female gamers.
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
Description: Great place to visit for tools, maps etc. Covers all Delta Force titles.
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
9. Eternal Delta Force
Description: Official NovaLogic Russian website dedicated to tournaments and the love of first person shooter games
Site Link: / Added: 4/28/2005
10. FPS World
Description: First Person Shooter World represents Blackhawk Down and Joint Operations by providing Patches, Mods, Game Support and Community Forums.
Site Link: / Added: 6/1/2006
Description: hosts tournements and other competitions by novalogic games.
Site Link: / Added: 4/25/2005
12. German War Gods
Description: A huge site with pictures and forums. Downloads including maps and even a Delta Force radio station!
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
13. Nova Games
Description: great fan site with forums and news on all NovaLogic games
Site Link: / Added: 2/2/2005
14. Nova Outpost
Description: Australian Delta Force Community
Site Link: / Added: 7/26/2010
15. Nova-Inside
Description: Nova-Inside hosts tournaments, has a lot of great maps for download.
Site Link: / Added: 7/7/2010
16. Terranova-exp
Description: Creators of the DeltaForce Expansion Paks for DF1, DF2, DF:LW, DF:BHD and DF:TFD
Site Link: / Added: 10/15/2003
Description: Welcome to the new site for, now an Official Novalogic Fansite and home of TXD. With forums, downloads, information, 'challenge us' section and more, this site is a great example of a true NovaLogic fan site. Visit it today!
Site Link: / Added: 4/28/2004

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