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Tachyon: The Fringe - General Update

5/5/2000 4.09 MB US HTTP Site FTP Site

Development Notes:

Version  Update  Fixes several singleplayer mission issues, including the shuttle landing problem that occurred in the "Aftermath of Destruction" mission.  General Maintenance Update  Improved Direct 3D functionality across multiple 3D card types.  Players can now chat during round-over stats screen in multiplayer.  Fixes some kill/experience problems in Base Wars.  Fixes sporadic spinning of turrets in multiplayer.  Fixes crash that would occur when taking certain ships to new regions (example, taking the Warhammer to the Ripstar region for the first time would sometimes crash.)  Loadout screen now goes away if your are killed while docked on a platform in multiplayer Base Wars.  Server reliablilty has been improved for consumer hosted games.
Server-side  Bora Lock-On defense is now available at tech 3 instead of 4
Server-side  Modifications to Base Wars Bora Tech Tree
Server-side  Bora Plasma Rocket now becomes available at tech 5 instead of 6
Server-side  Bora Aimpoint Module has been moved from tech 8 to tech 4
Server-side  Bora Smart Shields are now available at tech 4 (switched with Lock-on defense)
Server-side  Bora Heavy Mining Laser now becomes available at tech 6 (switched with Plasma Rockets)  There have been some changes to enhance the music soundtrack in the game.  The problem of not being able to scroll through all the available wingman has been fixed.  There is now a \'loading\' window that comes up after you hit \'Play Tachyon\' from the Tachyon App.  There was a long delay between this screen and the actual game. This window has been added to give you feedback that the game is indeed loading.  Cleaned up how the Tachyon App does it\'s resolution checking when you select \'Video Setup\'.  A mouse sensitivity slider has been added when you click on \'Options\' from the multiplayer menu.  You can now reverse the mouse vertical axis for playing with mouse control. This is under the game controllers section on the options screen.  The mouse control has been enhanced. Now, when mouse control is selected, the default mode is the fine control mode. The right mouse button now toggles between this mode and the \'point and fly\' mode where you have a cursor that you use to point where you want to fly.  Some slight tweaks have been made to the cost of wingman and some ships.  New readme.txt.


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