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Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising - General Update
You do not need this update if you have already received the update through the update wizard.

10/25/2005 145MB DE HTTP Site FTP Site
10/25/2005 130MB FR HTTP Site FTP Site
10/25/2005 145MB KR HTTP Site FTP Site
10/25/2005 131MB SP HTTP Site FTP Site
10/25/2005 145MB UK HTTP Site FTP Site
10/25/2005 150MB US HTTP Site FTP Site
10/25/2005 150MB XX HTTP Site FTP Site

Development Notes:

Version  Update  The “/serveonly” command will now render text on systems that have a video card without hardware texture and lighting.  AS – Karo Highlands had some vehicles flagged as the incorrect team. This has been remedied.  There is now a server-side option for “hit feedback”. This option defaults to on and is accessible from the game.cfg configurations file.  Control Point Takeovers (CP Takeovers) are once again being displayed in the end game stats.  Resolved an issue that was causing players’ scores to reset when they died in COOP games.  Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause ammo types to be incorrectly displayed in the armory menu in Joint Operations: Escalation.  Resolved an issue that occurred when joining some games late, would cause player to receive invalid attach points for attach points occupied by AI.  Resolved a couple of issues associated with the commander’s map and commander’s map waypoints.  Multiplayer map TK – Awon Atoll has had its Hot-Zone resized to be enhance playability.  TK – Awon Atoll has had an issue resolved, that used to allow players to receive zone time while not actually being in the zone.  Updated multiplayer end game win screens to more accurately reflect wins and loses.  In-game changes to video resolution will now produce a confirmation message before applying changes.  Improved ping code will provide more accurate ping times.  The crosshair will render in a 1024x768 resolution.  Clicking the My Account button will no longer cause you to exit your game without first warning you.  Checking “Remember My Login” in Joint Operations will no longer cause conflicts with other NovaLogic games you have installed.  Users will now be punted if after entering a server they fail to spawn or provide other input within 6 minutes of joining.  The NovaWorld login screen will no longer “Auto-Login”.  The NovaWorld account Help button has been updated.  The Ranking & Scoring Systems have been enhanced to give players a better and longer experience when playing Joint Operations  The in-game information and scoring screen has been updated to more accurately convey scoring information to the end user.  Players will now receive feedback in the form of their crosshair changing color, or if using an iron site, having their crosshair flash on the screen, when their bullets strike a live target.  The KOTH Hot Zone now changes colors on the GPS map based on which team has more time in the Hot Zone.  The game now features a “Kill Cam” which will show the victim what direction he was killed from.  References to HUD map in game have been changed from “Spin Map” to “GPS”.  Fixed two inconsistencies with the player loadout and training missions.  Players can now cycle through their weapons when using the mouse wheel to scroll.  Fixed a waypoint named "null"  Target designator now makes a sound when used in training missions.  Reversing sound for vehicles are now pitching correctly.  Added correct message for when players run over civilians.  Added vehicle tumbling sounds.  Fixed volume setting on dry fire sound effect.  Fixed map loading crash.  Claymores no longer display on their side while on an object.  Claymores no longer fall through objects.  Fixed respawning issue with players that leave the game attached to the driver's seat.  Fixed a bug that caused players to get stuck in the jumping animation.  Players can now kill themselves with their own explosives.  Improved orverall stability  Fixed a bug that causes reflections to not turn on.  Respawning in games with PSP now use the smart spawning method.  Fixed chopper spinning while still on the ground.  Fixed bug in XML parser that caused crashes on very large scale NILE project files.  All vehicles now respawn correctly.  Fixed scoring on the PSP takeovers.  Text is now spaced correctly on certain resolutions.  Sound effects slider in the menus now effects the menu sound effects.  NovaWorld games now sort correctly.  Fixed a bug that caused rounds on the clients to look like they were falling short.  Fixed delayed dry fire sounds.  Added permanent death.  Changed the Stryker and BTR weapon views.  New ways to spawn: *‘SPACE’ now spawns the player at the active defense point; *‘X’ now spawns the player at the rear base  Changed the player loadout around. *Rifleman no longer carry the AT-4, and gains Satchel charges; *Engineers can now carry the AT-4, and no longer carry the satchel charge; *Gunners now get claymores.  New win/lose messages.  Sniper muzzle effects increased.  Sniper scopes no longer zoom.  Rain and overcast weather effects.  Network improvements over vehicles crash sequences.  Handbrakes on vehicles.  New chat system: Chat keys again: ‘T’ - Local, ‘Ctrl+T’ - Global, ‘Y’ - Team, ‘Ctrl+Y’ - Squad Chat, ‘U’ - Vehicle Chat, ‘ENTER’ – Chat, ‘\’ - Chat Cycle  3rd person camera for drivers.  Stabilized emplaced weapons on vehicles.  Made more optimizations to network code.  Added two sliders for Pixel Shaders and Texture Compression in the video options screen. Players with lower end systems will want to work with these settings to improve framerates.  Added greater support for NILE generated missions.  Fixed a bug in Co-Op mission White Noise so it can be completed.  Major performance increase in low to middle end machines.  New updater.  Player revival issues addressed.  Emplaced weapons respawn issues addressed.  End game scoring issues addressed.  Attached vehicle death issues addressed.  Fixed collision issues with several assets.  Support for DirectX9.0C added.  NILE compatability added.


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