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Comanche 4 - General Update
You do not need this update if you have already received the update through NovaWorld.

2/1/2002 6.28 MB US HTTP Site FTP Site

Installation Instructions:
1. Download c4_update_020102_xx.exe to your hardisk (preferably to your desktop so you can easily find it).
2. Run c4_update_020102_xx.exe; by double clicking the file.
3. Locate the folder where Comanche 4 was installed.
4. Single-click the c4.exe file to select it.
5. Click OK.

Development Notes:

Version  Update  Joystick fix: Selecting "Default" settings resets joystick settings allowing HAT switch use with previous c4player.sav files  Vsync control: Vsync is now defaulted to OFF. This can be changed by editing c4.cfg  Force Feedback fix  Foreign character font fix  LanClient added  Audio falloff distance fix  Foreign keyboard fix  Scroll bars in menus now work when the mouse moves off of the bar  Intermediate joining page displayed when NovaWorld game selected  Display layout on the NovaWorld page altered  NW Server page layout updated  Server only mode no longer loads particle data (a savings in memory and load time)  Recent messages alignment fix  Multiplayer: Fix hosting from behind a NAT device  Multiplayer: Fix for stingers tracking clients in MP after they have been killed  Multiplayer: Scoring bug fixed  Stinger targeting adjusted  Multiplayer: We\'ve added the ability to set Game/Team Passwords.  Multiplayer: Player CANNOT use the same FARP twice in a row (must visit a different FARP in-between)  Force Feedback is now available (NOTE: All Saitek joysticks may have driver issues that prevent force feedback from working correctly. Saitek is aware of the issue and we are colaborating on a fix. Please check their website ( for driver updates.)  Flare bug fixed  A red missile warning indicator appears in the spin map display when an enemy targets your comanche.  A yellow missile lock warning appears in spin map display when an enemy shoots a missile at your comanche  Command Line: We\'ve added a \'/noparticles\' command line option (Turns particles off) that may improve performance on slower machines  Scoring adjusted based on difficulty (Completing a mission on EASY will not score you as many points as playing on NORMAL or HARD difficulties)  Menu fix for sliders and scrollbars  Alt-Tab key fixes  Mission Cinematics stutter fixes  Mission Archive: Mission selection fixes  Consumer med on Win2K fix  Wingman AI fixes (This fix keeps the wingman from running into the player)  Chat text ONLY scrolls up when a new message appears  Chat text box (and text) disappears 1 minute after last message displayed


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