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Support Customer Warnings

Virus/Trainer Warning:

Programs such as trainers, hacks, and cheats can install viruses and "back door" programs that grant hackers access to your computer. Be aware that some downloaded "utilities" steal your NovaWorld account information. Therefore we strongly recommend that you:
  • never share your computer with people who may use trainers/hacks.
  • never use your account on a computer that has trainers/hacks installed.

Accounts lost due to theft can not be recovered. Do not give out your account information to ANYONE. Use these "utilities" at your own risk.

Product Key Warning:

Your product key can be used to activate or create a NovaWorld account only once. Before added a product key to an account, make sure you entered a valid email. If you forget your log-in information, it can be recovered by selecting "lost password" on the NovaWorld website. The login for NovaWorld in the game is the same as the login for the website and forums.

NovaLogic, Inc will only request your Product Key through formal technical support procedures in rare instances. For example:

  • via technical support phone number
  • via email to any of the or support email addresses. (please be aware that NovaLogic with request information ONLY via the above addresses.)

Being Banned on NovaWorld

The use of trainers, cheats, or hacks are not allowed in games on NovaWorld servers. The use of such programs may result in the banning of your character(s) or account(s), in which case you won't be able access the on-line component of the game. We regret having to employ extreme measures, however, certain unscrupulous players spoil the game-play experience of the NovaWorld community as a whole, and such action is both warranted and required.

Besides the use of hacks, harassing other players can also result in your account and/or forum access being restricted.

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