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Why am I getting a black screen or the error message "The Integrated Browser is Not Receiving a Response from NovaWorld" when I attempt to join a Delta Force 2 or Armored Fist 3 game?

Due to certain Internet Service Provider (ISP) caching issues that have been experienced mainly in Europe, we have released a program designed to patch your games "IBrowse.dll". The file can be downloaded by clicking here, and should resolve the problem by circumventing any ISP caching.

To install the patch, simply double-click on it and when the dialogue box appears click on the button with the three periods(...). You will then want to locate your game directory (usually "C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Delta Force 2" or "C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Armored Fist 3") and click "OK". You should receive a confirmation box telling you the patch was successful, at which point you can click "OK" again to finish the program.

If you still experience problems after running this patch, please contact our Technical Support Department at


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