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After updating Delta Force Black Hawk Down to version I am experiencing problems with the mouse wheel after remapping the 'CTRL' key.

As the ‘CTRL’ key is used as a modifier key for some functions, those functions must be sacrificed in order to remap another function to the ‘CTRL’ key. Place this file (userdef.key) in your game directory (usually c:\Program Files\Novalogic\Delta Force Black Hawk Down) and start the game. Go to the “Options” menu, and then to the “Remap” tab and click the “User Defaults” button. Now remap the keys as desired. Click “OK”. The keys should now work as remapped, and the mouse wheel can be used to zoom the scope and cycle weapons. When this mapping is applied, the mouse wheel may not be used (with ‘CTRL’) to change scope elevation. Changing scope elevation must be done with keyboard input.


Product:Delta Force - Black Hawk Down
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