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Rated T for Teen


Explore the ancient catacombs to eliminate the terrorist threat.

Additionally armed with the latest Land Warrior equipment such as the O.I.C.W. assault rifle, you must fight your way into the pyramids of Egypt and recover a briefcase containing deadly bio-toxins.  Once you have secured the case, head west to your extraction point to complete the mission.

Delta Force: Land Warrior
[UPDATED: 11/28/00]
38 MB, EXE Download - Click Here For Download Sites

More than One Way to Skin a Terrorist
Unlike many other first person shooters, Delta Force Land Warrior offers players the freedom to tackle missions from multiple angles.  Many players will go guns a blazing straight to their next waypoint (the blinking orange dot on the lower left overhead view). While this method is effective at taking down the enemy by force, it is not the only way of doing things.

Patient players will flank the opposition, carefully picking their targets and thinning the resistance as they slowly make their way around to the objective.  Clever players will find the "Corridor of Opportunity", a relatively direct route that uses cover such as low walls for maximum stealth, protection and speed.

Whether you prefer brute force, or covert infiltration, there are many different ways to complete your mission.

More Tips

Players who run out of ammunition during a mission can pick weapons from fallen enemies and use them. To do this, drop your empty weapon of the same class by pressing the "0" (zero) key, then move over the new weapon.

Lying prone makes you a harder target to see and is the best way to go about sniping enemies from a hidden vantage point.  To go prone, press the "Page Down" key.  To return to a standing position, press the "Delete" key.

Once you are spotted by the enemy, it may be wise to retreat to a safe point and approach your targets from a different direction. Use the element of surprise whenever possible.

Lock and Load Soldier -- your country needs you.

Demo Support
If you are having problems running the Delta Force Land Warrior demo, please try the following:

1. Download and install Microsoft DirectX7.
If you get the error message "Error Starting Program: The DFLWDEM.EXE file is linked to missing export DDRAW.DLL:DirectDrawCreateEx.", the game can not initialize DirectX7. DirectX7 or greater is required to run Delta Force Land Warrior. Please visit for the latest DirectX files from Microsoft.


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