04.01.03 GameZilla Review - Recommended Buy
04.01.03 GameSpy Review - 80%
03.18.03 IGN Review - 8.9 - Editor's Choice Award (LINK)

“….the game mixes tactical squad combat and close-quarters battles with high-octane action and sprawling outdoor firefights, an interesting mix of controlled chaos that hasn't been seen in many titles to date.”

“Black Hawk Down should have players sweating in their seats from start to finish.”

“…the world of Black Hawk Down is an appropriately chaotic one….”

“Characters are well-detailed and smoothly animated, and react believably to gunfire.”

“I often felt like I was watching a first-person version of C&C: Generals….”

“…when things blow up, they blow up good…….On more than one occasion, I actually found myself ducking to avoid tires flying over my character's head.”

“Delta Force: Black Hawk Down could be one of the more interesting action titles of 2003.” (LINK)

“I've played a beta of this drama far more than I should have. I've played its select missions too many times with too much fun to warrant a paycheck. It's pretty darn neat.”

“Environments are stunning and look appropriately Comanche (4), with bright, vivid and vibrant colors, an insane amount of texturing, a ridiculous draw distance that puts even Battlefield (1942) to shame.”

“NovaLogic looks to be taking the numbers game to a whole new level.”

“Days do not cycle to nights, but the variety of what's there, all softly lit as beautifully as the game does everything else, impress, until something explodes and it goes from impressing to plain jaw dropping.”

“Gameplay …… kept me immersed and beckoned me to play and replay what I had already went through many times before.’

“Black Hawk Down certainly has the graphics, scope, and setting to rival a great multiplayer title like Battlefield”

“The missions I've played have all been exhilarating, ……..and the engine, as Comanche 4 has always been, is simply gorgeous.”

“Look out for this one.” (LINK)

“The battle themselves are action packed from start to finish and can get very hairy at times.”

“….. you really feel like you are in these military battles like in no other game…”

“….. challenging and fun to play”
" …enough details and a high enough object density to make the world totally believable...

Approaching the city, I was astounded to see the size and density of the buildings."
" Visually, the NovaLogic title was among one of the most impressive modern combat titles being shown at this year's E3...

….it could be quite the first-person shooter, and a game that must be played to better understand the true hell of modern warfare."
" This game is powered by the same technology as NovaLogic¹s Comanche 4, and the end result is a game world that is simply enormous, with some very impressive terrain, and this has given the designers the ability to depict an entire town, where every building can be entered, and snipers can lurk around any corner...

The engine features some nice enhancements, like sun spotting, where glancing at the sun will temporarily impair your vision. This may sound like mere eye candy, but it's actually quite a nice strategic element for multiplayer." - E3 2002 Best of Show Award Winner.
"Most impressive use of flight sim and tactical shooter technology combined for a brand-new first-person shooter experience." Best of E3: Land Combat - Black Hawk Down
"We’re both looking forward to seeing "Delta Force: Black Hawk Down" completed. We’ll keep a close eye on this one. It’s still a bit early, yet we’re impressed with our initial look at this game..."

In the end, we were both pleasantly surprised and very impressed with our media demonstration of this new game title.

This ended up being one of the toughest choices because we have some very nice combat sims coming out. In the end, it came down to Black Hawk Down. I have little doubt that if we saw this simulation earlier, we would have been frequent visitors to Novalogic’s meeting room. The game stole our attention and put the fire in our eyes. If Novalogic continues to work on perfecting the game, this one will be a classic."
" Although still half a year away from release, Black Hawk Down was looking really good at E3."
" Delta Force: Black Hawk Down clearly has the potential to be the best game in the popular Delta Force action series."