Questions & Answers

When will Delta Force - Black Hawk Down hit the streets?

Delta Force – Black Hawk Down will ship on March 25th, 2003 in the US and will launch across Europe from March 28th, 2003 onwards.

How does fall damage work in the game?

The system for deciding FD is basically a curve that takes into account the height the player dropped from and the velocity at which they hit the ground (or an obstacle)

  • 1 Level building: Zero or minimal damage.
  • 2 Level building: Increased damage. Damage will also increase. depending on if the player jumps or walks off the building. Players who have already sustained damage may die as a result of a 2 level fall.
  • 3 Level building and above: 100 % Damage.

Of course, there are additional factors that can be taken into account. For example, should a player leap off a 2 level building, if they land on a vehicle or barrel, they will not sustain as much damage as if they did not fall all the way to the ground.

What are the expected system specs for the final version of the game?

  • VIDEO CARD: Direct 3D video card with 32MB required. 64MB or greater recommended. Compatible 3D cards include: Nvidia TNT2, GeForce series, ATI Radeon series. For a list of supported 3D cards visit
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows® 98, ME, 2000, XP
  • CPU TYPE & SPEED: Minimum - Pentium® III 733 MHz equivalent
    Recommended – Pentium® 4 1.4 GHz equivalent
  • HARD DRIVE SPACE: 750MB available
  • SYSTEM MEMORY: 256MB or greater required
  • CD-ROM SPEED: 4x or greater CD-ROM drive
  • DIRECTX: DirectX 8.1 required
  • SOUND CARDS: Windows® compatible.
  • CONTROLLERS: Windows® compatible mouse
  • INTERNET PLAY: Up to 32 simultaneous players via NovaWorld
    *(Internet service provider required).
  • LAN PLAY: Up to 50 simultaneous players via IP LAN. May require dedicated server.

NOTE: Some multiplayer features may only be available through NovaWorld.
With purchase of product. Internet service required. Player responsible for all applicable internet fees. NovaLogic reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time.

Multiplayer cheating has been an issue in past Delta Force titles, will DF - BHD tackle this issue?

For DF - BHD, among other things, we will be implementing major server based anti - cheat software that will enable the detection and subsequent removal of any player from a NovaWorld hosted game that is deemed to be cheating.

We are also giving the hosts of public games the option of requiring a NovaWorld login, so that if a person is caught cheating, they can be permanently banned by the host from their server via their login as opposed to their IP address. The ban list will be editable with a text editor so that lists can be circulated among server hosts.

Has the cheat prevention software been activated in the recently released demo?

No. We did not feel it necessary to include the anti-cheat code in the pre-release demo. On of the main reasons for not including the code is that the game is not yet completed. Therefore full anti-cheat software is not yet available. Should cheating become prevalent online in the demo, we will rethink that decision.