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Armed Forces Collection

Includes 4 Complete Games

Armed Forces Collection includes: Armored Fist 3, F-16 Multirole Fighter, Delta Force 2, and Comanche 4

Includes 4 Complete Games
Armored Fist 3
Over 50 missions in 4 campaigns set around the world
Work the controls as Commander, Driver and Gunner
Call in air support, artillery strikes and command a tank platoon
Demolish buildings and vehicles underneath your treads
Challenge other commanders in 4 multiplayer modes
Delta Force 2
Over 40 missions in vast outdoor locations
Execute day and night operations in fog, rain and snow
Use tall grass, water and rolling terrain for cover
Take aim with over 20 weapons, including sniper rifles, grenades and assault rifles
F-16 Multirole Fighter
Over 45 single player missions
Authentic Lockheed Martin approved flight model
Rule the skies from an interactive, accurately reproduced 3D virtual cockpit
Get airborne and into combat within minutes
Activate the Lantirn night vision system for key missions and precision bombing
Comanche 4
6 extreme campaigns over urban, forest, arctic, desert and sea terrains
Quickly master flying and fighting using mouse & keyboard or joystick controls
Blast away at tanks, jets, missile-launching troops and more
Shoot missiles, rockets and the 20mm cannon
Detailed environments with rotor wash, shadows and spectacular explosions
Operating System
ESRB Rating
Bundle Software

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