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Jet Pack

MiG-29 Fulcrum / F-22 Raptor / F-16 Multirole Fighter

Novalogic presents the most intense collection of flight sims ever. Known as the work horse of the USAF, the F-16 carries an unblemished record into combat. The stealthy, agile F-22 Raptor is a lethal combination of air dominance and precision ground attack capability. The MiG-29 is one of the world's most maneuverable and toughest fighter jets. You choose the jets, you take it to the envelope, you wage the war.

The Most Intense Collection of FightSims EVER
The F-16 with it\'s fly-by-wire controls, systems for all-weather operations and diverse weapons have all benn carefully reproduced.
Extremely detailed and interactive cockpit
Over 100 stand alone single-player missions
Mission design tool to create your own shorties
DOGFIGHT all planes against each other in 120-PILOT MULTIPLAYER BATTLES!
Operating System
ESRB Rating
Bundle Software

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