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F-22 Raptor

F-22 Raptor air dominance fighter

The stealthy, agile F-22 Raptor is a lethal combination of air dominance and precision ground attack capability. With innovative, high-tech design, the F-22 represents the cutting-edge or modern air combat.

The First Thing It Will Kill Is The Enemy's Appetite For War
Official Lockheed Martin Edition —Tested by actual F22 test pilots.
Easy learning curve —You\'ll be up in the air and fighting within minutes.
Advanced Modeling System —Features a sophisticated flight model sensitive to weapons and fuel weight.
Fly-by-Wire flight system —Coordinates turns and adjusts flight controls to make fighting and landings easier —just like the real thing.
Engage in FREE* combat over the Internet with over 100** players via NovaWorld .
Improved graphics system —Includes fog and bi-linear ground smoothing. No more large ground pixels —All without hardware acceleration.
Advanced "Look Around" system and award-winning graphics provide superior situational awareness.
True dynamic campaign structures based on U.S. Air Force mission profiles — mission goals change due to performance in previous missions (e.g. if you blow up a s.a.m. site in one mission it won\'t be there in the next.)
Operating System
ESRB Rating

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