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Delta Force Urban Warfare

Do You Fit The Profile?

You are a lone Delta Force operative working to halt a global threat. Choose from explosive firepower and new hi-tech gear as you battle clever terrorists hidden behind every door.

Eliminate Terrorists Hidden Behind Every Door To Halt A Global Threat.
PlayStation® GAME CONSOLE DEBUT - An all new Delta Force experience, based on the 3-million selling franchise, developed exclusively for the PlayStation by Rebellion.
DIVERSE, INTENSE GAMEPLAY - Wild shoot-outs combined with stealth tactics. Close quarters combat with strategic infiltration, time-sensitive ops, sniping and demolition.
ADVANCED ENEMY AI - Engage and defeat enemies that react to gunfire, dive for cover, employ tactical maneuvers and pursue using a player\'s blood trail.
NEW FIREPOWER & HI-TECH GEAR - Assault and sniper rifles, grenade and rocket launchers, plus remote explosives. Night vision and thermal goggles, combat radar and a security camera scrambler.
12 CHALLENGING MISSIONS - Intercept communications, capture prisoners and conceal enemy bodies. Blast your way out of a bank robbery, rescue and protect hostages, defuse explosives and attack an oilrig.
EXPLOSIVE PLOT - An intriguing storyline, presented in cut-scenes and in-game radio messages, propels you through each mission.
$ 14.99 USD
Operating System
ESRB Rating
Action Shooter

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