The Flight Sim of the Year* is Now Gold!

Comanche® Gold




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Comanche®3 is winner of multiple awards:

Hardware Requirements:

Platform - Windows® 95 or later
CPU - Min. Pentium™ 133 (200 recommended); MMX Enhanced - not required
Memory - 16Mb minimum (32Mb recommended)
CD-ROM drive - Quad speed
Video - Windows 95 compatible SVGA card
Sound Cards - Windows 95 compatible sound card.
Peripherals - Windows 95 compatible joystick. Windows 95 compatible throttle & rudder pedals supported
DirectX™ 5 (included on CD)

Multiplayer Requirements:

For direct serial play: null modem serial cable (up to 2 players)
For modem play: Minimum 14.4Kbps modem (up to 2 players)
For network play: IPX/ODI network adapter (up to 8 players)
For TCP/IP play - Internet service provider needed

 *PC Format
**PC Data, December 1997
***Player responsible for all applicable Internet, connection and telephone fees

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