Feature Novalogic "Here is a first look FAQ* for Joint Ops: Escalation." November 16, 2004

review UGO.com (B+)
"Actually, almost everything about JOTR is more impressive than BF42." August 24, 2004

review Game Informer Magazine (8.5/10 – PC Game of the Month)
"A bigger, better Battlefield" July 22, 2004

review PC Gamer (85% )
"The combined arms combat is an absolute blast and the fighting is extremely intense. This game is indeed the “thinking mans” Battlefield." July 22, 2004

review Inside Gamer Online (8/10)
"The huge number of players supported and refined vehicle control make for tense firefights and fearsome large-scale battles." July 22, 2004

review 3D Avenue.com (87%)
"The detail and depth offered in Joint Operations is quite exceptional to say the least." July 6, 2004

review Tom's Hardware ()
"For me though, the bottom line is that I'm writing this review, so I can get my paycheck, that will let me pay my broadband provider, which will let play this game. Now go away. I'm headed for the nearest Little Bird chopper to pick up some Green Berets and take them with me to go strafe some separatist huts. " July 5, 2004

review GameNewsCenter.com (8.4)
"This game is very addictive and will have the FPS lover in a head lock for quite some time." July 5, 2004

review GameRevolution (B+)
"Joint Ops: Typhoon Rising is currently the best of its kind with great graphics, a wealth of weapons and vehicles and solid play mechanics. Fans of online military fragging need look no further." July 4, 2004

review Games Domain (8/10)
"Joint Ops is the game that Battlefield: Vietnam should have been" June 30, 2004