review GameSpy (80%)
"Many of the scenes have a cinematic quality to it, as if the game had jumped off a movie screen and onto your desktop." April 1, 2003

review IGN (8.9 out of 10 - Editor's Choice Award)
"A few serious faults and a few needless shortcomings keep Black Hawk Down from being perfect, but a fantastic engine, a solid feel, remarkably fun multiplayer component, and a kind of action that emphasizes numbers over intelligence makes the title enjoyable and worthy of a mention." March 18, 2003

preview GameSpy "We touch down at NovaLogic for an exclusive all-access preview of their upcoming tactical shooter set in 1993 Somalia." February 23, 2003

preview IGN "The glorious CAR-15 gun model gets gripped tight, tighter, tightest. It\'s life. To not cherish it is to embrace death." February 3, 2003

interview GameSpy "How do you make recent military history, heroism, and tragedy into a video game? We got on the phone with Novalogic\'s Wes Eckhart to get the details." December 20, 2002

feature GameSpy "The men behind the music and art of Black Hawk Down describe their trials in bringing the game to life." September 9, 2002

interview IGN "We had the opportunity to interview the game\'s two Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to find out just how they\'ve helped shaped the project since they\'ve come on board." July 25, 2002

interview IGN "Today we\'ve got an interview with Producer Wes Eckhart and PR Manager Marcus Beer." July 24, 2002