review The Adrenaline Vault (4/5)
"Addictive, tempting and overpowering are inferior descriptions when trying to convey the impact Delta Force 2 will have on your free-time." November 26, 1999

review (8.2/10)
"Delta Force 2 can't be beat for free-ranging commando combat." October 31, 1999

Feature The Adrenaline Vault "Delta Force 2 Gets 3D Acceleration" September 24, 1999

Preview "Tactical Simulation Situation Update" September 1, 1999

Preview "...[The] game includes several welcome new refinements that go where practically no other first-person shooter has gone before..." September 1, 1999

Preview The Adrenaline Vault "Delta Force 2 Interview: The Advantages of Voxel-Based 3D Engines" June 29, 1999

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